Enterprise Restaurant Management Platform

Increase Speed of Delivery While Enhancing Customer Experience

Nirvana XP will keep up with your fast paced restaurant by processing orders at lightening speed. Its feature-rich platform will also WOW consumers so you can maintain quality and increase speed.

“On an average, we process 400 orders a day and Nirvana XP has truly helped us stay ahead of the game by delivering a speedy order taking system. Before we had Nirvana XP, we used to write the orders down. With Nirvana XP’s i-Pad based solution, we have also been able to streamline processes and have great reporting tools at our fingertips.”

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Online Orders Through App & Web

Make it super easy and convenient for your customers to order food either online or using our all-in-one dining app for Consumers.

Online Payment

Allow your customers to make payments online.

Real-time inventory deduction

Effortlessly track inventory, cost of goods sold and profits in real time.