Enterprise Restaurant Management Platform


Accelerate the ordering process and increase efficiencies. Speed of delivery and quick order processing are at the heart of Nirvana XP. Armed with the ability to process orders at lightening speed, you will see wait times to a minimum, increase efficiencies, save time, and deliver great customer service.

“We had our small drive-thru up and running in less than a day, allowing the restaurant to open quickly.

NirvanaXP’s fully integrated POS platform allowed us to improve their business strategically by connecting with customers through digital receipts.

With no Wi-Fi required, we were able to process credit card transactions and could perform POS transactions right out of the parking lot.”

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Mobile System

Run your restaurant business on an ipad with mobile printers, so you can easily set up an Event or Mobile Food Truck with Nirvana XP.

Quick Orders

Step up the service accelerator at your Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) with our ‘cash n carry’ feature; the order will close in 8 seconds along with KOT and receipt for customer. That’s because speed matters most for QSRs.

Order Ahead

Customers have the benefit of ordering ahead of time with a pre-defined pick-up date in the future.

Designed for all Types of Quick Service Restaurants

Nirvana XP works for all types of Quick Service Restaurants, including Cafes, Coffee Shops, Pizza joints, Food Trucks, Drive Thru restaurants, etc.